Land Bank Karnal

Land Bank for District Karnal

Whereas it is brought to the information of the general public and various departments of the Government of Haryana that Government through its Revenue and Disaster Management Department vide Gazette Notification no. 8719-CFMS-R-5-2021/5727 dated 10-08-2021 intents to create a Land Bank for the Government Department including Boards and Corporations so as to optimally utilize the land available with various department which is lying unused/spare land and can be put to use by some other department who requires land for any project in the interest of the General Public.

For the above purpose details of land was sought from various departments within the jurisdiction of Karnal District. The same has been collected and tabulated in the form of attached Category  A, B, C, D, E, F & G wherein Category-A contains the details of Panchayat and Shamlat Land, Category -B contains the details of Municipal Land, Category -C contains the details of Nazul Land, Category -D contains the details of Evacuee Land Category-E contains the details of Acquired Land, Category-F contains the details of HAFED Karnal land & Category-G contains the details of Central Govt. Land of various department currently lying unused.

The above data is being published for the information of General Public and various Departments of the Government of Haryana to file claims and objections on the above data in the Office of the District Revenue Officer, Karnal within next seven days from the date of publishing of this data.


Sr.No.  Category Total Area in


Land Type Remarks
1. Category-A 14652-5-11 Panchayat land/shamlat land
2. Category-B 238 – 7 – 17 Municipal land
3. Category-C 124 – 0 – 4 Nazul land ( Revenue)
4. Category-D 1311 – 6 – 2 Evacuee land
5. Category-E 10 – 2 – 16 Unutilized acquired land HSIIDC, HSVP, Indri W/s Div. Karnal, HSAMB Karnal
6. Category-F 6 – 4 – 0 Hafed Karnal Land
7. Category-G 36 – 3 – 8 Central govt. Land Govt. of India Press and central integrated industrial training centre